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Sunny – Adopted August 2020!


Sunny Breed: Cattledog Mix Gender: Female Age: 2 years Size: Medium Where you can find me: At WAG Energy Level: Medium Training Goals: Overcoming my fears of meeting new people, mandatory training sessions booked in with a WAG approved trainer post-adoption House trained? Yes Kids? No Cats? Yes, as long as we get along!  Dogs? Yes, though I like my own space! Medical Needs: Regular Veterinary Care

My Perfect Match: -Is willing to take a few trips to WAG to get to know me before taking me home. Strangers make me nervous and need to know how to interact with me. – Has a quiet home, I love my friends, but I don’t like having new people in my home.  -Will continue with my training. I am very smart and need work on my stranger danger. -Has experience with reactive dogs. I have a bit of a “history” but if you know how to manage me and keep me feeling safe and surrounded by people who will respect my needs, I am such a good girl! -Has lots of patience and understanding. I was a fearful puppy and was continually put into situations where I felt unsafe so my fear was reinforced. It’s up to you to keep me feeling safe! -Is pro-muzzle. I need to wear one in public spaces to keep me and everyone else safe and secure. -Has a good ability to recognize and understand a dogs body language and respect it. -Will love me forever no matter what!!

About Me:

I love to run and play with my dog friends, learn new tricks, and snuggle with my favorite people. I am sweet and quirky and playful when I am feeling happy and safe.

I have been bounced around a lot and I’m looking for some consistency so I can relax.

I am extremely nervous of strangers and will protect myself from this perceived threat, will you put in the time and effort to work through a training plan with me?? APPLY FOR SUNNY!

My Story:

I came to WAG last year as a surprise puppy that my mom’s family wasn’t ready to care for. I was adopted when I was still young, but my fears were not managed properly. I became more fearful and they could not take care of me how I needed.

If you cannot adopt me at this time please consider making a donation to WAG! DONATE TO WAG! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


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