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Teddy – adopted May 2014

Teddy was a big and cuddly boy who waited for a long time to find his special forever-family.  It was worth the wait, though, as his new family could not love him more!

Thanks so much for uniting our family.  He has settled in wonderfully.  I feel like I have a new baby the way I worry about him all the time, he keeps me up at night and I can’t leave him alone.  He snuck a loaf of bread off the counter as soon as we all went to bed the second night but now we know….. No FOOD on the Counter LOL.  We thought he was just a lay around dog the first two days but Monday he really came out of his shell and started playing and being a puppy.  Mark was trying to keep him off the couch and he loves to play so he thought it was a game and started tearing around the house and jumped right over the couch and cleared Emily sitting on the couch, I’ll have to send you the video.  He stayed home for an hour by himself today and when Mark came home to check on him he was just sitting at the top of the stairs, he didn’t even jump up.  I think he knows we’re his family now and we’ll always come home.”


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