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Ukee – Adopted July 2014

Ukee came to WAG very shy and timid and would hide in the back of her kennel when people approached. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the staff at WAG however she still had trust issues with new people. Her spunky personality emerged and she loved zipping around the dog run with the other dogs. A couple came in and even though Ukee wouldn’t let them touch her, they fell in love and decided to come to WAG everyday and sit with her to gain her trust. They came in and fed her tasty treats and eventually were able to pet her, then walk her and then they adopted her!

From her new home – We went on our first camping trip this weekend to the Sunshine Coast, and she loved it. She was incredibly well behaved at the campground, very chilled out in the truck and had a blast hiking all over the place with us. She LOVES hiking! We are still working on meeting new people and dogs, and we are making progress slowly but surely. Can’t believe we have been lucky enough to welcome her into the family – everyone is very happy.

Congratulations Ukee 🙂

happy tail


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