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“Hello, my name is Tank!” “My name is Tank, and my story is truly one of “sometimes life just happens”. I was well-loved and well cared for by my family when I had a life-changing accident. A week before I was to get neutered, I was playing in my yard and I got my leg caught in a pallet. My family brought me to the vet right away, and we received some bad news that my leg was broken. This unfortunately was quite serious and not a simple break. Dr. White in Pemberton reached out to specialists in Vancouver and Squamish, and WAG jumped in to help too! After much analysis, my family took me to Squamish where Dr. Lane (an incredible orthopedic surgeon) at Eagleview Animal Hospital operated but could not save my leg. He really tried, but the break was in such a bad place. If I were to live a happy, pain-free life, this was the absolute best course of action. Dr. Lane and his team were beyond awesome and took great care of me while I was in the hospital. Eagleview and Dr. White have become such lifesavers supporting, and working with WAG in these difficult situations. My family and WAG had lots of discussions about what would be best for me. I will need some special care and attention, especially for the next few months. It will take time for me to get strong again and to learn how to live as a three-legged dog, but I’m young and I know I can do it!! Though heartbreaking for my family, they simply could not manage the costs of this ordeal and they know I will need a different life from what they can provide for me. I will miss them, but I know this was a decision that came from love. WAG has assured us both I will get a second family who will equally adore me and will be able to manage my care in the years to come. I thank everyone so very much for their commitment to my well-being and for making all the hard choices that got me here. I feel very loved and ready for the next chapter in my life!” DONATE TO TANK’S FUND!


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