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A new friendship at WAG…

A new friendship has blossomed at WAG! Barnes and Wrangler are new BFFs and it has helped Barney’s confidence sky rocket!

Barnes has been living at WAG for almost 1 full year. He is a retired sled dog who was rescued from a sled dog kennel in the states and brought to a sled company in Whistler and then surrendered to WAG. We suspect Barnes has had a very tough life and was abused prior to coming to Whistler, it has taken us a long time to gain his trust. It h…as been a long road for Barnes and still to this day fast movements will cause him to jump, loud voices cause him to cower and new people cause him to hide. However these past two weeks Barnes has made a new best friend Wrangler! This friendship has helped Barney’s confidence sky rocket! Everyday Barney surprises us with a new brave behavior and we are so proud of him! Barnes will watch his friend and do as he does; he will try new trails on dog walks, he plays in the run with Wrangler and will even jump up to see who’s in the lobby (as long as Wrangler is nearby). This may seem minuscule to the average person but to the people who know Barnes this is huge! We would love Barney to be adopted with his friend Wrangler, but if that doesn’t happen we still want to find Barnes a home with a confident dog buddy who will be his best friend. Barney’s Forever Home Wish List includes; 1 dog buddy, no loud children, a fenced yard, patient loving people who will expect nothing from him and give him all the time he needs to trust them. Please email us at for more information on this amazing boy.


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