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Birch – Adopted December 2023!



Breed: Domestic Medium Hair Gender: Female Age: Approx. 4 months old Size: Small

Energy Level: Currently low as I am recovering from recent surgery, but remember I’m still a young kitty really Litter trained? Yes Kids? Unknown, I’d like a calm home Cats? Unknown, possibly with separation and supervision Dogs? Unknown, possibly with separation and supervision Medical Needs: Upcoming bloodwork re-check for possible kidney issues, potentially special food, then yearly vet visits with vaccine boosters, plus anything else that might come up!

About Me:

Hi I’m Birch! I’m just a baby who has recently been very unwell and am in recovery from a big emergency surgery. Luckily, the team at Coast Mountain Medical Services were able to hospitalise me for several days after I was brought in presenting with vomiting, lethargy, inappetence and was losing weight. After undergoing lots of tests including blood work, X-Rays and more I had a foreign object removed and was also spayed whilst I was under. I am now on the road to recovery but it has not been easy with ongoing medical care required daily to receive fluids, pain killers, antibiotics and monitoring of my kidney function which is still a concern. They tell me I’m a fighter and although I have been through so much in the past two weeks, I’ve been ever so brave and am grateful to WAG’s Critical Care Fund donors who generously give to their special fund to help animals like me who need it the most when the worst happens.

We thank the vet team at Coast who have worked around the clock to provide extensive care which has given her the best chance at recovery. She is in the best hands in an experienced medical foster home and we have our fingers crossed that she will continue being brave and strong until her blood-work and next re-check in another week.

Keep an eye on my profile as the team here learn more about me and my ideal forever home, as well as any health updates when we have them. I may be a special needs kitty, anyone looking to adopt me to their home will need to be aware of this and be proactive with my medical care.  I am a cuddly, sweet kitten who loves human company and I really hope I can find my happy endind, whatever my health status and needs are determined to be moving forward……!

– will continue my health plan and keep me on the special vet food I am currently eating as prescribed by my vet, with any extra checkups as required/ recommended moving forward. I potentially have ongoing issues with my kidneys, my next checkup will help us find out more.

– will be ready for a 15+ year commitment!

– have lots of patience while I transition into my new home with my new family, I’ve been through a lot and am still a baby who is learning all about the world

– will provide lots of enrichment, scratching towers, toys, catio etc.

– will understand that I am still developing and my personality may change over time!

– will keep me safe and happy, forever

My Story:

I was surrendered into WAG’s care when I was very unwell and needed emergency medical help, followed by many days at the vet clinic for fluids, medications and additional care. I needed around the clock monitoring and am still waiting for my next re-check to make sure I have recovered as well as hoped. I’m looking for a calm, nurturing home where I can get back to being a kitten again!

Please consider donating to WAG’s Critical Care Fund to help other animals like me get a second chance when we need it the most and are out of options. Thanks for our donors, our vet partners, volunteer drivers, fosters and everyone involved in these difficult cases. DONATE TO WAG! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


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