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Brew – Adopted September 2023!


BREW Breed: Mastiff Mix Gender: Male Age: Approx. 8 years old Size: XL (approx. 55kg!)

Energy Level: Low/Medium but don’t let my age fool you – I’m a playful BIG puppy Training Goals: Adjusting to my new home House trained? Yes Kids? Yes, with proper supervision and seperation Cats? I have shown a little too much interest in them at times, so it might be best for me to have no feline siblings in the home! However it does depend on the cat as an older relaxed cat might be ok…. Dogs? Yes, with proper introductions, supervision and separation. I am gentle but find some younger dogs a little annoying to be around ALL the time but I’m the best uncle to the shelter pups! Medical Needs: awaiting further information regarding possible heart condition – appointment with a cardiologist specialist coming up soon! Monitoring tooth health. Yearly vet visits.

About Me:

Hi I’m Brew – I have been in the care of WAG for nearly 10 weeks now! Most of these have been in foster but I am back at the busy shelter sadly for now and would much rather be in a loving home.

I was another recipient of WAG’s Critical Care Program, a fund 100% supported by community donors to help injured and sick animals in need. I arrived at WAG after being attacked by a group of dogs so I was rushed to the vets and spent several hours having tests, being cleaned up, stitched up and fitted with a drain. The worst of it is my front right leg, my muscles were ripped and I was knuckling alot, with no option to amputate due to my large size. I was in a lot of pain, so was given a cocktail of antibiotics and painkillers and came back to WAG for a big well deserved sleep. Even though I was seriously injured, I welcomed pats and cuddles and will greet every new human I meet with a big waggy tail! It has been several weeks since my ordeal and I am feeling so much better. I am enjoying going on short walks and am standing flat on my foot instead of knuckling. I was neutered a couple of weeks ago and whilst I was under anasthesia it was discovered that my heart beat had some irregularity. I am awaiting a checkup with the doggy cardiologist which is coming up soon. This meant that my dental checkup was put on hold for now and I am only allowed calm walks and no running or playing excitedly with other dogs. I am the sweetest boy, I seek affection and want to be near my human carers all the time. I like other doggos and have been lucky enough to have mostly been relaxing in foster homes since but I’d really prefer a home to call my very own.

I love everything – walks, food, people and dogs.

I have a gentle and loving soul. I love going for a walk and do an excited dance when I know its time to go out for a stroll.

I get along with almost every dog, but sometimes I find super energetic dog annoying.

I would rather not sleep outside of your room, but I will happily once I know you are safe and it’s bedtime.

I need very little maintenance. I love dinnertime, cuddles and a good head scratch!


My Perfect Match: – A family with patience and understanding that I may need time to adjust to my new surroundings and that I am still recovering from major surgery for my injury and my neuter. – Loves big beautiful dogs who enjoy cuddles and laid back adventures. No big hikes or running for me please! – Will be able to help me in my recovery and rehab as needed, including potential heart issue monitoring. – Will keep me safe and love me forever, no matter what! – Eager to learn more about dog body language so you can understand what I’m communicating to you. – Be ready for an ongoing commitment to Brew and his health. – Will keep me healthy and happy with appropriate exercise and yearly vet visits as well as anything else that might come up as I am an older guy. If you’re dedicated to providing a safe home using only fear-free, positive reinforcement training methods, please fill out an application below:

My Story:

After being attacked by a group of dogs resulting in life threatening injuries; a concerned community member reached out to WAG to enable me to access the medical help I so urgently needed.

WAG then fundraised for Brew’s medical costs, medication, aftercare, rehab and more. If you are not in a position to adopt Brew, please consider donating for WAG’S Critical Care Fund to help Brew and other animals like him get the second chance they deserve.



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