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Congratulations Beaver!

Congratulations Beaver!

Beaver is a very special girl, and well-loved by all who know her.  A former sled-dog and 8 years old, she was very shy and nervous when she first came to the shelter.  Everything was new to her, as she had never left the remote site of the sled dog company before.  With love and patience, the staff helped her gradually make the adjustment to shelter life.

Before long, Beaver made another big transition.  With the help of the ever-wonderful and loving volunteers/foster parents, Sheila and Michael, Beaver made the transition into a home.

With patience and endless love, they helped Beaver adjust to life in a home with a loving family.   Over the past couple months, Beaver had taken huge strides in her social progression, from taking treats from strangers to learning how to play with the other dogs at the shelter.  Last month, WAG received an application from a couple for Beavers adoption and met with the potential home.   This wonderful couple assured us that they understood how special and unique Beaver was, and just wanted to do everything they could to make her happy, so with a little coaching, they were told to get ready to welcome Beaver into their home.

After over 300 days at the shelter, a bittersweet day arrived for all that knew her on the day she was to take the drive to her new home.  With many tears, her loving foster-family escorted Beaver in to the final chapter of her life; a wonderful home and family that will love her FOREVER.

Though Beaver may never be what one would consider a “normal” dog, she is one of the deepest, most amazing and unforgettable souls to ever grace this good earth.  We are forever grateful to all that helped her find her way in this world, with a special thank you to her incredibly loving foster-parents.  We are all excited to watch Beaver enjoy this next chapter of her life.

You can read more on Beaver’s Story in the Pique here!


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