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This week was a super special one for WAG as our long term’ers, Happy and Barney, were adopted TOGETHER into an absolutely amazing Forever Home. 

Not only are they being spoiled rotten, but they have a big sunny backyard to hang out in, each other for company, warm chicken for treats, and the promise that they will never come back to WAG.

Barney waited for his perfect match for over two years. He knew he had found it with Pete and Margret, and made the adjustment easily.

Happy originally came to WAG in 2013.  She was adopted out but sadly returned a year later. She waited patiently until Pete and Margret took a chance on her and fell in love.

We would like to thank everyone who followed their amazing stories and donated to their care! These are two very special souls we feel honored to have helped.

Congratulations Happy, Barney, Pete, Margret, and your kitties – one big happy Furever Family! 


<—– Big smiles for the car ride home!

Check out some photos of life in their new home…


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