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Hollow Tree & WAG

We have an incredible announcement!

We are thrilled to announce that WAG will now be the EXCLUSIVE supplier for the custom WAG label on select Hollow Tree Candles – this means that WAG is the ONLY location you will be able to buy these locally handcrafted candles with the WAG label, donated and created by Hollow Tree.

The label features a girl in a red toque, hiking into the wilderness with her dog by her side, with the majestic Black Tusk peak in the background.

From Hollow Tree creator, Tobias: “The girl walking her dog in the forests allows for any and all of us to be that person, rescuing a pet while being rescued in the process. ‘Love’ is the scent name because WAG inspires love and animals love us unconditionally. And love is often expressed in a red tone. This label is very dear to the heart of Hollow Tree, it’s our way of giving back to an organization that goes above and beyond. An organization that does so much with so little. WAG makes the world a better place, one animal at a time. Exclusive only to WAG.”

These candles were donated to WAG, which means 100% of their proceeds directly benefits our shelter. They are now available for a donation of $50 at WAG – stop by during our open hours and choose your favorite scent!

A huge a heartfelt thank you to Tobias and the entire Hollow Tree team for your love and support!

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