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Homer (Adopted July 2015) & Blue (Adopted Fall 2009)

Homer and Blue (formerly Courtney) were dogs adopted from WAG in July 2015 and during autumn 2009, respectively. Recently we received an update from their family, and this is what they had to say:

Homer and Blue are WAG dogs! Blue was adopted in Fall 2009, and Homer came into our family more recently, in July 2015. They are now best friends and spend their time playing in the backyard and celebrating their birthdays together. This year, Blue celebrated her seventh birthday and little Homie his first. We love both of them so much, and they have brought us so much joy and laughter.

Homer is now taller than his big sister and has become a handsome little man. He gets along with everyone, from dogs to humans to guinea pigs, and he has many hobbies, rolling in the grass on sunny days and cuddling with his favourite stuffed orca toy.

Blue is sweet, sassy, and affectionate, always smiling and giving her family kisses. She is extremely smart and isn’t afraid to compete for the role of alpha even around male dogs!

We are so grateful that Blue and Homer came into our lives!


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