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In Memory of Alice

WAG defines Critical Care as any medical need or expense that goes beyond the routine deworming, vaccination, and spay-neuter protocol, and WAG is often called in at the most critical time, even if it is on a long weekend!

Alice was found by her loving family on Easter weekend, collapsed in a field, inexplicably paralyzed, and unable to stand or walk. They contacted a WAG volunteer and local superhero, and in no time, she was driving Alice down to the 24-hour emergency clinic, Mountainside Animal Hospital, in North Vancouver. Thank you to the wonderful doctors and staff who cared for her during her stay.

Alice received blood work, hospitalization, IV fluids, x-rays, and 24-hour monitoring and care. With initial diagnostics being inconclusive, her condition’s cause was still a mystery. Though she was paralyzed, Alice was generally in stable condition and we decided to give her a chance at recovery by trying a variety of treatments, in the hopes that one will work.

She was transferred to Eagleview Veterinary Hospital and into the wonderful care of Dr. Armstrong, and then released to WAG.

Though we only knew Alice for a short time, she was incredibly loved and cared for by WAG staff and was never left alone. Unfortunately, however, her condition suddenly declined, and she passed away from unknown causes.

Alice was described by her family as “…such a good girl, good protector, she was such an amazing mama, the best companion, she was so good with the boys, always watched over them.”

Though we are all devastated by her loss, our inability to save her, and the unanswered questions about her affliction, Alice’s life is proof that WAG makes a difference.

Not just in the lives of dogs and cats but in the lives and mindsets of their owners. Alice was almost 6 years old and lived a happy healthy life. She was vaccinated, spayed and microchipped with regular check-ups through WAG’s Mount Currie Animal Wellness Clinics. When this terrible accident happened to Alice, her family reached out for help. They didn’t let her suffer…. her well-being was their priority and WAG jumped in to do all they could.

At WAG, we strive to give every animal a chance at health and happiness, and Alice was no different.

We are now launching a campaign to replenish the funds used for her medical bills, as well as have money in the bank for our next  Critical Care animal in need.

Please consider donating to ALICE’S MEMORIAL FUND and help make a difference in the lives of animals like Alice.

Tax receipts are available for all donations over $20.




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