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Luigi – Adopted June 2016

Luigi was adopted out of WAG when he was 8 months old but had found himself back at the shelter 8 years later due to no fault of his own. Coming back to the shelter Luigi loves people, is great with children, and considered cats his buddies. Unfortunately, this boy’s last vet visit up until he came back to WAG, was when he was previously in our care. He came to WAG very overweight but he did amazing on his weight loss plan! He loved going for walks, and eventually the walks turned into hikes. He gets very excited when treats are around but most of his excitement is displayed when he sees a person he loves. He loves belly rubs and will drape himself across your lap. All the staff at WAG were so happy to see this boy go to a home that loves him with all their hearts!

Here’s what Luigi’s forever family has said about their time together so far!

Luigi is settling in really well to his new home. He was pretty comfortable straight away, making himself right at home on our couch for cuddles! He would follow us around the house a little at first and was upset when we left to go to work but he soon realized that we would not be gone for long and would be back to see him real soon.

During his second week being a part of our family, we took him on a road trip to Kelowna. He absolutely loved this! Car trips we think are his favorite thing (other than tennis balls of course).

Luigi loves to hike and is very active, he gets very excited at the thought of going outside but happily relaxes to the max at home.  He loves to squeeze his big head in between us on our bed, to the point where I think we need a king size rather than a queen.

We have learnt that Luigi is a very smart dog, his recall is amazing off leash and our training with him is going really well.

We absolutely adore him, he has been with us for just over two months and it feels like forever! We are so happy we found him! Hopefully, he will be around for many more years and we can find him a dog/cat friend called Mario!

Thank You to everyone at WAG that bought this big bundle of joy into our lives!Luigi looks forward to visiting you guys again soon!



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