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Meet Mya…Our Latest Critical Care Dog

Our latest Critical Care Case

Mya is an 8 month old German Shepherd Puppy who came to WAG last week after she fell from the back of a moving pickup truck and was dragged down a dirt road because she was tied in. Her owner couldn’t afford the expensive vet bills and surrendered her to WAG. Now she is injured, in pain, and homeless. Mya suffered deep lacerations to the inside of her leg which were filled with gravel, she had exposed bone, and injuries to her cruciate ligament. She has three drains in her leg to keep infection away and will need further x-rays. Mya has to have painful bandage changes every day and has weeks of kennel rest ahead of her.

If you would like to help us out with her expensive vet costs, please visit the donations page on our website, or drop by our shelter during our open hours: 1-4 PM daily. Thank you for your support! We couldn’t exist without your help!


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