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Meet our latest Critical Care Case: Louise!

Louise came to WAG at only 7 weeks old. She was surrendered from a home that could not properly care for her. She has an unknown injury to her front left paw, which causes the joint to buckle, but the good news is that no bones are broken. She was also infested with a terrible case of lice and intestinal worms, and smelled awful! After multiple treatments and baths, she is hopefully on her way to a full recovery.

WAG is raising money for her care, including x-rays, parvo fecal tests, extra deworming and de-flea/de-licing medication, and re-check exams! Please consider donating to Louise’s Fund today… DONATE NOW!

PLEASE NOTE: Until she is healthier, Louise is not up for adoption or having public visits – thank you for your patience!


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