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Meet Phoenix…

“Hello, my name is Phoenix!

My Story:

I arrived at WAG with my mom and brother. I was special from birth! I have trouble with my coordination and movement and have been diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (“CH” for short!), a condition where my Cerebellum cells did not develop properly. There is currently no known treatment for CH, but many CH cats live long and happy lives…We are also known as “Wobbly Cats”!

Despite her condition, Pheonix is a fighter! She survived with little more than her mothers care for the first seven weeks of her life, and now, with a little help, she gulps down her food, walks herself around her room, and loves snuggles with our staff and volunteers. We even made a pouch so she can be with us while we work!

Though she will never be normal, Phoenix experiences many joys in her life – she loves to play with toys and nip fingers, and will sit in her pouch on your lap and purr until she falls fast asleep.

She will require special care for the rest of her life and WAG will be looking for an extra special home for this extra special girl!

Where your donation will go:

Multiple daily feedings by staff Specialty food Extra vet exams General extra care


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