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Misha’s Diary


June 9, 2017: Misha asked her foster mom to send us an update on how her life has been going since she’s been in permanent foster. We thought it was the best diary post so wanted to share with everyone!

Hi! I’ve really been loving living in the village with my foster fam, I’ve gotten to see and explore so many new things! We’ve been working on meeting new men, and I think I finally understand that not all of them are bad or mean. I’ll walk down the street and not even notice them now! And if they want to pet me, I don’t mind as long as they kneel down and my foster mom says it’s ok. Every now and then someone might make me a little uncomfortable, but I communicate very well when this happens. I have a whole bunch of boyfriends now, and they all say I’m their favourite girl! I really love walking around with my humans and have learned very good leash manners I’m told. Sometimes if I see another dog I get really excited and want to go play, but can’t quite understand why I can’t get to them (it’s a bit frustrating really) it must be this leash thing… When this happens, my foster mom will distract me, she’ll talk to me and show me my stick, oh man! Have I told you how much I love sticks?! Any size stick, especially wet ones, they’re the best!! I love jumping for them, and chasing them, and chewing on them. They’re definitely one of my favourite parts about walking, my foster mom will always help me find the best sticks. What were we talking about? Oh right, other dogs. I love dogs and get to play with a few on a regular basis, but sometimes when I’m meeting a new dog I get so excited and think maybe I love them more than they do at first. I’m learning the right ways to introduce myself and it seems to be working, a little bit more time and patience and I think I’ll be the best at it. My foster mom says I’m very smart, she says sometimes she thinks I speak human because I understand so quickly. She taught me how to wait for food and be very patient, I’ll even wait until she says it’s ok to eat. I used to get a little too excited around food, but she says I’m very polite now. I can be very athletic and love going on runs in the forest with my humans, and they’re trying to get me to do this swimming thing? I like water but I’m still trying to figure it out… We went camping on a lake and I didn’t mind walking around in it, but then I started to float and that was a bit weird! I also love naps. Laying on my back with my legs up in the air and napping is also one of my favourite things. My foster mom says I’m very silly, but comfortable is comfortable am I right? I also love my toys, and I love bringing them to my humans to play with. It’s ok if you can’t though, I’m happy to play by myself too; I’ll even show you how high I can throw it up and catch it! There are so many things that I’m being introduced to every day, and the more things I see, the more relaxed I’m getting. I can’t wait to find someone who will love exploring (and also napping) as much as I do!!

For Misha’s profile and information on how to apply to adopt, head here.


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