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Muzzle Art and Reactive Dogs Unite!

Any donations raised will be put towards a training fund for Lola’s adoptive family, by a WAG-approved trainer!

“Isolation. Frustration. Alienation. Embarrassment. These are words typically associated with reactive dog owners. This social event aims to bring together owners of reactive dogs who could benefit from sharing experiences and creating connections.

This get together will feature a guided discussion lead by a certified positive reinforcement trainer and reactive dog owner, Laura McAlduff.

BYO-Muzzle and we will provide durable decorations and fleece linings to make your dog’s muzzle reflect their sweet and spunky personality. We are also hoping to have Yellow Bandanas in stock for the Space-Needing dogs of Squamish!”

Thank you to Sea To Sky Canine Training for putting on this great event – we will be there with Lola’s muzzle!

Only $10 per entry.


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