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Nessy’s Diary

Nessy’s first 2 years of life have been very unstable and scary. Originally from a high kill shelter in the states, she was adopted, then sold on craigslist and has now sadly ended up at  WAG. No one has truly understood Nessy and her quirks, due to this she has developed some behavior issues. WAG is currently using a specialized training plan with Nessy to help her over come resource guarding and body handling issues. She is great with using her body language to communicate how she is feeling and will let you know when she is feeling uncomfortable.

Ness has been bounced around a lot in her short life time and despite her fears is a sweet, active and funny girl. She is a little athlete that is incredible at agility and so eager to please. Ness has never had a home that understands her issues and how to manage them. With the right training resources and a big heart, we know Ness is going to make someone very happy. 

Ness is looking for a very special home that wants to save a life. WAG is her last hope of survival. 

June 25th, 2016

My foster Dad has been taking me on lots of bike rides in the evenings. It is a great way to get all of my energy out before settling in for the night. I can run and run and run, I really am a little athlete! I am super fast and sometimes they can’t keep up with me! Here we have stopped for a little breather and a roll around on the grass to get my wriggles out and take in the beautiful rainbow.

I have been wearing this special harness that says “Adopt Me” so all the people I pass know I am looking for my forever home. My foster Dad even has little business cards with my information to hand out. Hopefully we meet my new forever home soon.

June 10th, 2016

My foster Dad James has been taking me for lots of bike rides and swims at Lost Lake. I love running with the bike and have switched to a back harness so I can help pull along. It’s so much fun!

James puts me on the long line so I can go swimming in the lake and fetch sticks but still be safely on leash. It’s great as it gives me the freedom to explore and splash around. I have even been making friends with a lot of the dogs at the doggy beach.

Everyone is so impressed with me and tell me what a good girl I am. I loose my mind with excitement when ever James comes and picks me up for our sleepovers. I roll on my back and turn into a wriggly worm wanting all the tummy rubs.

June 8th, 2016

At night times I have been having sleepovers with a really nice couple in their home. We go on adventures, car rides and hang out on the couch. They keep me busy and stimulated with my training plan. Here I am learning to be polite and not eat the humans food. I can be protective of my food as I think it is going to be taken away from me. I am learning to associate the humans with giving me food instead of taking it away. I am also doing pretty good with my body handling issues. I can be weary and unsure of having my back end touched but I am learning this means butt scratched and that I can sit in their lap! I am pretty happy with my new travel seating arrangements 😉


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