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Reece Has Found Her Forever Home!

We are so excited to announce that after 247 days in WAG’s care, Reece has been adopted!

Reece had a special and long journey with us. She was originally rescued by the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand. Although we don’t know about the first years of Reece’s life, we know that she was captured, forced to live in tiny wire crates with so many other dogs that they didn’t have room to move, before they would have be killed to be eaten. Luckily the Soi Dog Foundation rescued Reece from this meat trade. Due to the nature of this experience, Reece will never be able to be crated and is slow to trust strangers, especially men. It takes countless interactions with a person before she is comfortable with them touching her. Because Reece didn’t make the best first, second, or sometimes third impression, it made it difficult for potential adopters to fall in love with her true nature and silly self.

Reece’s adoption has been a process and there have been many people over the past 8 months that have helped this girl adjust to Canada, living in a home, and learning to love.

WAG Staff & Volunteers, past and present – Thank you for taking the time to gain Reece’s trust. There were many failed walk attempts, but to the volunteers that consistently tried to walk her – thank you! Thank you as well to our male volunteers that just sat there with Reece staring at you while you threw treats toward her so she could try and make friends with men.

Supporters – Thank you for donations toward Reece’s care and to every person that shared one of our posts about Reece. By sharing her story, you helped her forever family find her.

Renee from Bravo Dog – Thank you for your trips to Whistler to assess Reece and create training programs for us. So glad to know that you will be continuing with Reece’s training post-adoption.

Chad & Denise Wood – Reece would not be the girl she is today without these two. Denise and Chad started by fostering Reece on weekends. Just before Christmas, Reece was permanently fostered by Denise and Chad, only returning to WAG on the odd occasion. Because of the time and love that the Woods showed toward Reece, Reece became adjusted to living in a home, became playful with men, fully trusted a human with all of her heart, and showed people through social media what Reece’s true personality was. Without these two humans, Reece may still be searching for her home. Thank you both from the bottom of all of our hearts.

Jocelyn & Andy – Reece’s new parents… thank you for the time, dedication, and patience you showed toward Reece. You made multiple trips to Whistler in order to spend time with Reece and try and gain her trust. You worked at her pace and only touched her when she was ready and willing. You opened your home and hearts to WAG staff to allow them to do a home check and observe Reece in her new setting. You’ve already started to work with Bravo Dog and introduce Reece to a dog walker that specializes in fearful dogs. You have shown how committed you are to this special girl, how much you love her already, and given us the reassurance to know that she will forever be in a safe and loving home. Thank you for never giving up on this girl. Not many people would put in the time, miles, or patience to adopt a dog with Reece’s slow-to-warm nature and we appreciate what you’ve done for her. Thank you as well for your support of WAG and our processes. We know you will be lifelong friends of our shelter.

While Reece’s adoption story isn’t a typical one for us, we wanted to highlight the dedication and love many people put in to make her adoption happen. She is a “flight risk” and was capable of backing out of her collar in situations that made her uncomfortable. Because of this, we had to ensure any potential home was able to put a harness on Reece before taking her for walks. Despite her trust issues, once you gain Reece’s trust, she loves you with her whole heart. She can go months without seeing you and will cry and kiss your nose when she sees you again. We already miss you around the shelter little squeaker, but we know we will still get to see your family from time to time and cannot wait to see the progress you make throughout your life with your hoomans. 


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