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Spring Fling Online Auction for Critical Care Animals

Let’s grow some funds for WAG’s Critical Care animals at our Spring Fling Online Auction. In the first few months of 2022 WAG has already had over ten Critical Care Animals requiring extra vet visits and surgeries. From leg amputations, to urinary blockages to Diabetic senior cats, and many more, WAG has some expensive veterinary bills to cover. 100% of proceeds from this online auction will go directly to helping cover those costs.

Grab some sweet items and help those animals in the most need!

Online Auction begins Sunday, May 15th at 10am.

Auction ends Monday, May 30th at 8pm.

Jojo, 14 year old Diabetic cat who has been at WAG for a few months. Now that he has proper monitoring and regulating of his insulin levels and diet he is a much happier and healthier cat. Still at the shelter patiently waiting for his forever home.


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