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Tuna – Adopted February 2024!


TUNA Breed: Chihuahua  Gender: Male Age: Around 12 years old  Size: Tiny! 

Energy Level: I’m a senior boy but I like little walks and am trying to lose weight!  House trained? Yes!  Kids? No thank you Cats? Unknown. Potentially with proper socialization, separation and supervision! Dogs? Potentially with another little dog with proper socialization, separation and supervision! Big dogs are a bit much for me.  Medical Needs: I recently underwent dental surgery with a specialist in Vancouver and all of my teeth had to be removed! Since then I am on a special diet. I have a heart murmur to be monitored and of course, I’m a senior so there may be other things that come up. 

About Me:

Hi I’m Tuna. They say that good things come in small packages and I couldn’t agree more! I found myself at WAG over 6 weeks ago now it was the start of a new adventure, with the goal to find a quiet, calm loving home to spend the rest of my years. I guess I’m considered a ‘senior’ dog now, but I’d prefer to call myself ‘distinguished’. Grumpy? Me? All I ask for is a soft bed for my naps in peace and quiet along with lots of love and attention all the time. OK fine, and some nice meals, maybe some of the good treats you save for special occasions if you are offering. Although the vet did say I’m a little on the heavier side but I’m willing to work on that I suppose. I just had dental surgery to help my soar teeth – It was a complicated procedure but thanks to WAG’s generous donors and the Critical Care Fund my teeth are feeling better than ever! I’m doing well and don’t have any current medications or health concerns. I am nervous when meeting new people at first but I do warm up if you give me a little time and patience. I’m not keen on loud noises and lots going on around me so can find kids a bit bothersome.

I told WAG that the shelter was no place for a dog like me and so managed to wangle myself a foster home with some humans who think I’m the cutest little guy ever where I’ll relax and they can get to know me and my needs. I do have to share them with a canine sibling, she’s small too and fun to play with. I’m ok with it, in fact I perk up and wag my little floofy tail when I see her so I’ve been having fun even though its been a strange time for me with lots of changes. I have a real zest for life and can’t wait to see what’s next for me! I can be quite chatty and I have a lot to say, I spend my time between Whistler and Vancouver with my foster fam and I’m not as keen on apartment life it seems. I can get impatient when walking to the elevator and don’t want to make friends with the other dogs around. I’d love a yard, but I can’t be left alone as I’m a little tempting for the birds and other wildlife so that’s a concern. I love being with my people anyway, so would love to spend all my time with you and not have too much going on around me. APPLY FOR TUNA!

– I need a home that is committed to me, my health and ready to give me a life with love and adventure for the rest of my years. Quirks and all! – Will keep me healthy and happy with appropriate exercise and yearly vet visits as well as anything else that might come up as I am an older guy and provide me with the food the vet recommends. – Able to provide a calm, stable environment with people that will pay attention to my body language to understand how I feel. Not putting me into situations where I feel uncomfortable, I’m old – I’ve earnt it! – A family with patience and understanding that I may need time to adjust to my new surroundings.

My Story:

My previous family loved me very much but I wasn’t thriving in the home with new human siblings. They made the tough decision to ask WAG to help find me a calm, quiet environment to spend my golden years. I am in need of some serious dental work which has been booked for me so I should be more comfortable after that is sorted. This is possible with thanks for WAG’s Critical Care Fund and a wonderful foster home to recover in.

If you are not in a position to adopt but would like to support WAG, please consider donating to our Critical Care Fund to ensure that Tuna and senior animals can get the additional care they deserve! DONATE TO WAG’S CRITICAL CARE FUND! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


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