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Turmeric – Adopted January 2024!

Another WAG Critical Care Case arrived early in December 2023….. Donate to Turmeric and co’s care here JAN 2024 update: Turmeric was adopted by her fantastic foster family and its a rare occasion that we are able to celebrate a mom doggo getting adopted before a single of of her litter! Congratulations to Ricki and her pawrents for raising a wonderful litter of pups and for finding each other. WAG is so lucky to have the support of community members like you! In early December we welcomed sweet momma-to-be named Turmeric into our care! Its not every day we get the opportunity to give our beautiful residents the maternity photoshoots of their dreams, but we managed to squeeze in a quick session with our new expecting momma-T before she was off to settle into her new foster home prior to her imminent birth! Turmeric has a hard few weeks coming up, but we are so grateful to be able to join her in her journey of motherhood and beyond, we’ve promised her this will be her last litter and we will find her a loving home and make sure her wishes are granted! Keep an eye on our socials for updates on her journey and to find out once she is ready to start her own adoption adventure! On December 14th 2023, Turmeric gave birth to a HUGE litter of 12 healthy puppies. We are so grateful to her wonderful local foster pawrents for providing her a safe space to give birth and a quiet, calm home to raise her babies for the first important stage of their lives. They are all gaining weight each day and starting to show their individual personalities, whilst keeping their foster family busy watching over them as they grow. Momma T is doing a great job, but also enjoying going for short trips out to the garden and having cuddles with her trusted humans! We look forward to sharing updates on mom as we get them, wishing Turmie all the best with her new arrivals! Pregnant moms will spend many weeks in the care of WAG until they are ready to be adopted after their babies are weaned and find homes of their own and tend to need a lot of resources! If you would like to make a donation towards Turmeric and co’s care, don’t forget that now is the the time to make your donation have an even greater impact. With thanks to our friends at @mogulscoffee and @zogswhistler who have pledged to match every donation up to $20,000 for a fundraising goal of $40,000 during our Annual Holiday Matching Campaign (running until December 31st). Head over to to double your donation today!


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