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TWO MORE Critical Care Cases!

Thanksgiving 2018 was a busy one for WAG staff when we received calls for not one, but TWO dogs in critical medical condition…

Meet Ruby…

Ruby is an 11-year-old sweetheart…Ruby lived in a community where there are many stray dogs with no one to care for them – they are unspayed and unneutered and starving. This can create dogfights, and poor Ruby was a victim of one of these fights.

She received lacerations all over her body which quickly became infected, and she could no longer stand and would not eat, drink, or sleep, just cry in pain.

Thankfully, her loving owners brought her to the emergency at Twin Trees Veterinary Clinic where she received vital medical attention, including life-saving antibiotics, before coming back to WAG to recover.

Her owners loved her so much, they made the difficult decision to surrender Ruby to WAG and remove her from her current dangerous living situation. They even paid her emergency medical bill!

Ruby is now recovering slowly, but surely, at WAG, where she is receiving multiple antibiotics, pain medication, IV fluid therapy, and physiotherapy.

Special thank you to Dr. Lopez at Twin Trees Veterinary Clinic and her owners who loved her!


Meet Odin…

Odin was found alone on the side of the road with a horrific injury to his tail. A concerned citizen picked him up and contacted WAG, where arrangements were made to take him to Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital. 

Unfortunately, the injury to his tail is too severe and too painful to heal on its own, and he will need an amputation!

He is currently on antibiotics and pain medication, and he is waiting (impatiently!) for his surgery appointment on Thursday.


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