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Update: Critical Care Case – Louise

We here at WAG are so happy to announce this update on our little Critical Care Case, Louise…

She arrived at WAG at only 7 weeks, sick, with swollen glands, infested with worms, lice, and very underweight. She also had an unknown injury to her leg. After x-rays determined there were no broken bones, it was hoped that with veterinary care, warmth, and good nutrition, her body would heal as she grew. 

It soon became apparent that though this little monkey starting eating, growing, playing, and pooping normally, her leg was actually getting worse.  During her re-check appointment, it was decided that she was healthy enough to vaccinate, but her x-rays would benefit from  a surgeon’s opinion, to determine what her options were…

A couple of days later, WAG staff were shocked, and slightly confused, when they saw Louise running and playing almost completely normally. No one could quite believe their eyes, but it would seem that Louise has started to heal on her own, and very quickly!

We are so thrilled that, as of now, she will not have to undergo surgery, a leg brace,  or any other orthopaedic support, and we would like to send a big Thank You everyone who donated to her care! We will be monitoring her closely, and she still needs some TLC, but it would seem Louise is ready to find her Forever Home!





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