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Update On Cricket

In another week or two, Cricket will be ready to enter the doors of WAG! We’ve been receiving updates from Dr. Laura White at the Pemberton Veterinary Hospital about how this loving little kitty is doing. Cricket has been winning the hearts of Dr. White and the staff at the clinic and they aren’t looking forward to saying goodbye to this sweet girl.

Cricket needs to stay at Pemberton Veterinary Hospital for a couple more bandage changes, but otherwise, she’s doing great. As seen in the images, she’s taking over reception, helping with computer duties, and even recycling herself!

WAG would like to thank Dr. White and her staff for taking such great care of Cricket while she heals. We would also like to send a huge thank you to every person that donated to Cricket’s care. This lucky lady had a lot of supporters and hopes that one of them might be her future forever home.

If you’re interested in learning more about Cricket and applying to adopt her, visit her profile:


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