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WAG Launches New Youth Volunteer Position

WAG has just completed the pilot project for our new youth volunteer program. We would like to thank our two participants, Colin Faiella and Sadye Hill-Auld. We will now launch the program March 24th. Read the article on the new program here from the Pique Newsmagazine, and check out our website for full position details at


The Purpose of the Youth Animal Welfare Program at WAG, is for the youth volunteers to aid in the care of the animals by completing assigned cleaning and other tasks. It is also designed to educate both the student as well as the community through an advocacy project. Volunteers will be responsible for (will vary week to week):

  1. General socialization and enrichment with suitable shelter dogs and cats

  2. Assisting with feeding of dinner

  3. Doing dishes

  4. Doing laundry

  5. Other cleaning (May include window washing/dusting/etc)

  6. Assisting staff with any other tasks needed

  7. Advocacy/Fundraising Project


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