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Yarn and Bones

Elevating your doggos cuteness one hat at a time.

Handmade with tons of love in Vancouver, B.C.

About the Creator:

“Hi! My name is Andrea, born and raised in El Salvador, and currently living in Vancouver, Canada. I started crocheting not too long ago and quickly realized this was the hobby I was longing for. Last year, I decided to blend this new passion with another lifetime obsession of mine: dogs. I love dogs. Okay, that’s an understatement, I ADORE dogs. Any and all dogs. I truly believe they are angels on Earth who deserve the whole entire world. Yarn & Bones was born from a place of love (some may say obsession, which is partly true).

Our mission is quite simple: to elevate dogs’ innate cuteness even further by dressing them up in the cutest crocheted hats. I simply just want to continue creating beautiful and fun accessories that bring a big big smile to you and your pups.”


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