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Barney’s WAG-iversary Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and made Barney’s Wag-iversary so special! We were blown away by the love and generosity of this community for our special man…

Barney would like to personally thank all his supporters!

  1. Roger Barbee

  2. Sara Manlove

  3. Cori Poole

  4. Alicia Amundson

  5. Monique Joyce

  6. Denise Wood

  7. Rosina Westenhafer

  8. Gabi and Doug Kahrer

  9. Katy Cameron

  10. Franca Bebb

  11. Holly Nunn and family

  12. Ellen We and Spark Kombucha

  13. Pam and the McRea Family

  14. Erika Swantrom

  15. Amanda Becker

  16. Diana Rochon

  17. Angela Sohn

He was so popular that it got quite busy! We apologize if we missed your name, and would love to add it, so please let us know if you are not on this list!


Barney and all his friends at WAG…


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