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Betty White Day with the Raven Room and Tito’s Vodka

A Fundraiser hosted by the Raven Room and Tito’s Vodka to celebrate Betty White‘s 100th birthday.

2021 ended on a sad note when the world learned of the passing of Betty White, a Hollywood legend and former star of the hit show, The Golden Girls. She was 99 years old and passed away shortly before her 100th birthday.

A long-time animal lover, her 100th birthday became a day to donate to your favorite animal rescue group, and WAG was lucky enough to be the charitable recipient for a fundraiser hosted by the Raven Room here in Whistler, in partnership with Tito’s Vodka!

Serving her three favorite foods (hot dogs, french fries, and vodka!), our community celebrated her in style all while supporting the animals she loved so much.

The donations to WAG that day came from far and wide, and we also received $5796 in honor of Betty White and her 100th birthday – we were absolutely blown away by the love and support for this legendary woman and for WAG.



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