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BOURBON Breed: Pittie Mix  Gender: Male Age: Approx. 5 months old Size: Still growing! Medium? 

Energy Level: I’m a puppy with lots of energy! Lots of play and lots of rest required! House trained? Yes! 

Kids? Calm kids would be great! I am a bouncy puppy but I have done well when meeting children before. As long as they can understand when I want my own space and let me rest.  

Cats? Dogs? Cats unknown, potentially with separation and supervision! I like other dogs and have been in foster homes with other dogs before, as long as they like puppies and playing and my new family can manage us both. 

Medical Needs: I’ve had my DA2PP vaccines and am currently recovering from my recent neuter. Moving forward – yearly boosters and checkups! 

About Me:

I’m an adorable young puppy currently looking for a caring and nurturing forever home where I can continue my journey to health and happiness for the rest of my years! Me, mom and my five siblings arrived at WAG over 12 weeks ago when we were in urgent need of medical care, nutritional help, warmth and a whole lotta TLC. Thanks to WAG’s Critical Care program, it was possible for us to come to the shelter and get the attention we needed in order to thrive.

We arrived at about 3 months old, but as you can see if you scroll down to my older photos we were all quite underweight and have been recommended to eat several small meals each day to help us whilst letting our sore tummies adjust too. A regular feeding schedule with a high quality diet was prescribed with probiotics and pumpkin added to improve our gut health as our stools have been quite runny! We have been de-wormed to get rid of those nasty worms who gave us a pot-bellied appearance and will need continued treatment every two weeks for a while moving forward. We also arrived with a few cuts and various scabs on our skin, very long nails and were timid on arrival showing lots of signs of anxiety which was to be expected. But, we have been so brave and didn’t even cry when the nice Vets poked us with needles to start our vaccination series and give us more protection for our health moving forward. Everyone is so proud of us!

We improved quickly and the other five puppies in my litter found homes and so did mom! Not much is known about the weeks of our lives up until this point, our exact age, or who our dad is come to think of it, so we are looking for individual homes with kind humans who understand that we may have fears about the world around us and to please be patient with us. We may do well in homes with another young resident dog who can help us gain confidence and keep us company, as long as they are up for having a new sibling of course and the pawrents are able to take on a special pup like me who may need some extra needs in terms of training and socialisation 🙂

Are you ready to give us the WHOLE package – endless love, positive & considered socialisation experiences, training using positive reinforcement methods, tons of high quality nutrition, vet care as required, and all that puppies need as they grow into dogs? Remember – adopting a puppy is a huge commitment and these next few weeks and months of their lives are critical in puppy development and socialisation! For more information about preparing to raise a puppy, we recommend the book “The Puppy Primer” by Patricia McConnell and have a few copies at WAG for purchase. If you’re ready to offer a warm and supportive environment to a young and determined puppy like me, please consider filling out an adoption application today. I’m excited to find a loving family that will help me grow into a happy and healthy dog! The first stage to adoption via WAG is always to fill in an application form first, and then we will be in touch about the next steps. Thank you! APPLY FOR BOURBON!

-Is willing to take a trip or two to WAG to get to know me before taking me home. I am still adjusting to life around here and everything is new to me. – A family with patience who love sweet, gentle young dogs who are keen to be your shadow. – Understanding that I have had HUGE changes in my life recently and to give me the time I need to settle in and relax after my adoption. Especially if I am to live with other dogs or younger humans. I am new to car rides, being inside and going for leashed walks! – Be proactive with my training, using a WAG approved trainer that will help me learn new skills and give me the best set up for success. – Having a safe & secured yard would be a bonus. If not – not problem but being okay with using a long line to allow freedom whilst keeping me safe. – Will take me for annual vet checkups and be proactive with my health.

My Story:

WAG was contacted when my first guardians were no longer able to take care of my mom Brandy, and her unexpected litter of pups. We are now safe and warm at WAG and getting the help we so urgently needed. We can’t wait to find loving homes of our own in the near future! DONATE TO WAG! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


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