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Brandy – Adopted March 2024!


BRANDY Breed: Pittie Mix  Gender: Female Age: Approx. 1-2 years old  Size: Medium

Energy Level: Medium to High 

House trained? Yes! Occasional accidents overnight in my kennel as I settled in 

Kids? Likely older kids  

Cats? Potentially, with proper introductions, separation and supervision. I have not met any cats at WAG and might like to chase them? 

Dogs? I like other dogs if introduced properly, I enjoy playing with my pups and have a couple of other dog friends at WAG. I haven’t met any small dogs yet though

Medical Needs: I’m up to date with my vaccines and was recently spayed! Moving forward – yearly checkups as standard  

About Me:

Hi, my name is Brandy. I may be shy at first as I figure out my new surroundings, but when I’m settled I will come to my humans looking for snuggles and belly rubs. As I gain your trust I will most likely follow you around the house and enjoy watching what you are up to, occasionally crying when you go to the toilet without me. The smells of good food in the kitchen can make me drool and I might get a little excited and check out what you are cooking up on the work surfaces. I am working on my manners, but I listen well and I am very smart, so I look forward to continuing my training to be the best girl I can be. I really like being called a “good girl” and thrive on routine. I am very good at remembering when I get a treat for doing well, getting ready for walks, doing the toilet outside, using the elevator and getting my jacket and leashes taken off after a walk. I walk very well on leash and can’t wait to have new friends after I’m spayed as I get excited to say hi to people on my walks. When I come home you’ll most likely find me snoring on the couch, sometimes I forget I’m a big girl and can get excited jumping over you to get the best spot for cuddles. I’m still working on a frequent poop schedule, but with time and patience I’m sure I will figure this out. At night I like to sneak into bed with the humans so I can be close to them, it’s okay because I’m so cute. My foster parents think I’m the queen of the house already, just after 3 days with them. I will be the most loyal dog and provide my family with the biggest amount of love. I look forward to finding my furever home with my special humans. Brandy xoxo

Learn more….

As a young momma, I came to the shelter in December 2023 accompanied by my litter of 6 puppies, all in need of some extra help and loving care. We were hurried to Coast Mountain Veterinary Services for our initial checkups and received our first round of very important vaccinations. Despite being poked with needles and discovered to have bellies filled with worms, we were so brave during our vet appointment and everyone loved meeting us!

I’m really tired of being a mom and simply wish to relish being a puppy myself now, I really enjoy going on long adventures in the snow and having lots of fun with the staff and volunteers. Being at the shelter was a huge change for me but I settled in well and got used to the new routine. I was glad to not have to feed my babies anymore once they were at the shelter and we were all given a healthy diet and lots of it! I still like to play with them but am very energetic and bouncy and can forget just how little they are sometimes. They seem to tire out much more quickly compared to me. Having puppies was a lot of hard work and I am ok with the humans around here looking after them now instead and finding loving homes for them all. Not much is known about my past but I have been super trusting of all the new friends I’ve made around here and am told I’m a real pleasure to bring on walks. I have a ton of energy and am really quite strong, I will need my new family to be on the same wavelength. Lots of activity, training and mental stimulation please!

I dreamt of starting 2024 with my new family but sadly I am still waiting. I’ll be patient as I know I’ll make the best adventure buddy and will make my person so endlessly happy once they find me!

If you’re interested in bringing a loving, spirited, and resilient furry companion into your life, please fill out an adoption application form today. Let’s begin our journey together and make wonderful memories in our forever home! Here’s to my next chapter…… APPLY FOR BRANDY!

My Perfect Match:. – A family with patience who love sweet, bouncy young dogs who still have a lot to learn about the world around them – Understanding that I have had HUGE changes in my life recently and to give me the time I need to settle in and relax after my adoption. Especially if I am to live with other dogs or little humans. Things like car rides, leashed walks and a lot more may be new to me! – Be proactive with my training, working together with a WAG approved trainer that will help me learn new skills and give me the best set up for success in my new life. – Having a safe & secured yard would be a bonus. If not – no problem but being okay with using a long line to allow freedom whilst keeping me safe as I may be considered a flight risk whilst I settle in. – Will take me for annual vet checkups and be proactive with my health. As well as look after me as I recover from by upcoming spay appointment.

My Story:

WAG was contacted when my caretakers were no longer able to look after me and my unexpected litter of pups. We are now safe and warm at WAG and getting the help we so urgently needed. My pups have been finding loving homes of their own too, they are so cute but don’t forget about me! I’ve heard that moms can take a little longer to get chosen than their babies…. DONATE TO WAG! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


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