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Gizmo – Adopted April 2022!


Gizmo Breed: Collie/Terrier mix Gender: Female Age: 2 years old Size: Medium

Energy Level: In recovery from surgery at the moment Training Goals: Basic Manners House trained? Yes Kids? 15 years+ Cats? Yes, but with supervision and separation Dogs? Yes, but with supervision and separation Medical Needs: Ongoing Check ups with her medical team 

About Me:

Gizmo has been in a foster home since her surgery and they had this to say! 

Gizmo bio: Thoughts on a perfect home: a medium (at the very least) active woman who would appreciate a very affectionate, smart dog. Someone who would like to do things with their dog and doesn’t mind a “Velcro-dog” and a dog that would prefer to go on couches. I bet Gizmo slept with her previous owners. She would work well in an apartment. Can be submissive but warms up quickly to women, hesitant with men (she rolls over, no fear-aggression). Very sensitive. Soft commands are all that are needed. She is very happy to please. A very happy dog… wags A LOT!  She is SMART and would love someone who could teach her tricks and give her mental stimulation. With that intelligence, she knows how to ‘work the system’ and could be a good ‘manipulator’ LOL I bet she would do well with some forms of agility training. She is fine with cats and dogs. Since she is so demanding of human attention, she should be placed with really easy going dog(s). She has given my dog a couple of growls and snapped at my dog when Gizmo was getting attention from us. My dog Charlie did do a reprimand one day when Gizmo was too excited in Charlie’s face, Gizmo listened so that shows good doggie sense. She would sleep next to Charlie if given the chance but my dog has never been into snuggling with other pups/dogs in the years of fostering. She is not food focused. We can eat our meals right next to her and she doesn’t beg or bother us. Being a bit of a monkey, I do not know if she would steal food from a coffee table but I would hazard a guess that she would not. LOVES: – belly rubs, snuggling and being right beside and touching people – balls and fun squeaky toys. Once healed, she’ll be throwing toys around for herself in no time. – to be with people, touching them but she can settle into her bed while I am working or doing things around the house. I just say “go to bed” and she’ll go to it. – Squirrels. She likes to watch “squirrel TV” outside my patio door. Watches… no barking or whining. – A bolster bed – seems to be her preferred bed format.

Perfectly housetrained. Doesn’t need to go out right away in the AM. Example, nighttime pee around 10pm and goes out around 9am-ish for pee/poo after her meal. Not sure about children. When she gets excited, she chomps her teeth at you in the air. It is pretty funny and cute. So that chomper action can connect with fingers and she will air chomp in front of your face in you are low down. So that makes me think older dog-respectful children would be best. Easy to give meds to. No separation anxiety.

She can get underfoot, especially first thing in the morning and when you come back to the house. Things to note: – She does alert bark at the door and when people come into the house. Beyond that, she is quiet in house. – I think she would be an escape artist so if placed at a house/townhome, it would require thorough fencing with no gaps. – No idea how she is on leash as she is still on very limited activity and no idea if recall would work outside of our yard. – Not a huge water drinker. I mix in water with her kibble to ensure better hydration. APPLY FOR GIZMO!

My Story: WAG was called late one night about a dog who desperately needed our help. No one saw what happened to the poor girl, but she was found on her doorstep crying, bloody and unable to walk – from the extent of her injuries and road rash, it is suspected she was hit by a car. Gizmo went to Mountain Side Veterinary Hospital, and received excellent care and lots of TLC from the amazing staff. Her radiographs showed that she has a shattered femur and pelvis. After consulting our veterinary partners and medical specialists, Gizmo will need to have one leg amputated, and then be on strict rest to heal her shattered pelvis. This will be an intense procedure, a long recovery, and it wont be cheap, but with your help, we can provide Gizmo the care she needs! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who donates to WAG, and to the incredible team at Mountain Side Vet Hospital, as well as the amazing team at Eagleview Veterinary Hospital. Please consider donating to our critical care fund – this fund allows us to say “yes!” to these animals who need us the most.

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