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Jerry ain't no "jerry"

Updated: Mar 17



Breed: Lab Mix Gender: Male Age: 9 years old approx. Size: Large/ XL 
  • Energy Level: I’m around 9 years young and am quite partial to a walk, game of fetch but I do love my downtime too 

  • House trained? Yes!

  • Kids? Possibly older kids/ teens

  • Cats? No thanks! I might think they want me to chase them 

  • Dogs? I haven’t met too many other dogs at WAG yet but was happy to meet a calm senior. I would need to be introduced properly and given time to adjust via proper separation and supervision 

  • Medical Needs: I will need my vaccine booster in a few weeks, monitoring of my ear infection and hematoma, weight loss and anything else that might come up with an older chap like me!  

About Me:

I arrived at WAG at the end of 2023 after going through a lot in the past few months. I am starting to settle into the shelter routine and getting used to it all so the staff are still getting to know me and my needs better. I have already stolen the hearts of all the the staff and love making new friends. I am around 9 years old and a tad overweight so that’s something we will all work on together with lots of activity and exercise when I am ready. I love treats and tennis balls, that’s the best way to become my friend.

Once I know you I’ll have the waggy-iest tail and be keen show off my goofy trots around the yard and lean on you waiting, no, demanding scratches and pets. I make the funniest excited squeals and noises when I see my bffs and get excited to have the ball thrown for me to promptly collect and bring back to do it all over again. I simply love going on car rides too, I elegantly haul myself straight into the back seats and lay down. Walkies are my fave part of the day, I previously lived a life of freedom in my life by the beach with my first guardian and soul mate, I was known as Ninja then and was such a brave boy when I lost my person in a tragic accident. So you’ll understand that this new hotel is taking a bit of adjusting to. I’d say I’m most keen on the walks and cuddles the most though, I’m obsessed with the recent snowfall and playing in it all. I’m very strong and am not well versed it loose leash walking it seems. Having to sleep alone in my kennel overnight? I don’t rate that so much but who can blame me? I hope I find a foster or ideally someone to adopt me very soon and I can check out of here asap. Luckily everyone here has made me feel really welcome and I’m being well taken care of whilst I decompress and rest up after another life upheaval.

I recently visited the kind folks at Eagleview Vet who gave me a full check over. I had a few issues with my health but the biggest was a hematoma in my ear which was causing me a lot of ongoing pain. They put me under sedation and promptly drained it, along with administering some long lasting ear drops to help with an infection so fingers crossed I’ll be feeling better in no time! They also had concerns about my skin in general as I seem to be very itchy and uncomfortable. I’m on some medication to help whilst also trying a different food – I’ll be monitored to see what works best for me. I’m overweight but I don’t want to be on a diet, I’m keen to go on lots of walks, adventures and more to increase my activity levels and get into my best shape. I also had a manicure and the Vets checked inside my mouth – they said my teeth were absolutely “lovely” so that’s good news. With these important issues now being treated, I expect to be feeling tip top physically soon and can focus on making even more new friends, not to mention finding someone to fall in love with me and bring me home forever!

I’d like a simple life with people who understand that I’ve been through a lot (which is an understatement) and will be happy to working with me on some training alongside a local WAG approved positive reinforcement trainer. I’ve got a training plan and am going to start my muzzle training whilst I’m at WAG in case it is ever needed. Muzzled dogs are good dogs too and it’s alwats a useful thing to learn. I’d really like a home with kind, patient people who are ok to move at my pace and understand that I am the best boy who has been through a traumatic six months. Like everyone, I can get stressed by some things which is fair enough! I can be nervous of meeting new people, and new dogs but if we are introduced safely and positively I realise I can trust them and might even ask to play! I haven’t had the chance to meet too many new dog friends yet at the shelter, but have been introduced to a couple of senior dogs at the shelter and it went really well.

I’m such a wise, older guy, I’ve seen more than my fair share of heartbreak and am SO deserving of a second chance at health and happiness. If you think we’d be a great match, please scroll down and fill out an application form today!

New new owner...
  • Is willing to take a couple of trips to get to know me before taking me home. I can sometimes be unsure of new people when I first meet them so we have been taking it slow.

  • A family with patience who love big, chonky goofy, affectionate doggos.

  • Understanding that I have had HUGE changes in my life recently, alongside trauma and illness. I will need you to give me the time I need to settle in and relax after my adoption.

  • Be proactive with my training, using a local WAG approved trainer that will help me learn transition and give me the best set up for success. Including being pro-muzzle and keen to continue my muzzle training plan.

  • Having a safe & secured yard would be a bonus for morning zoomies and ball play sessions! If not, being okay with using a long line to allow plenty of freedom but keep me safe as I settle in.

  • Will take me for regular vet checkups and be proactive with my health. I had a few health concerns upon arrival and am getting the treatment I need now but I don’t want to be in pain again.

My Story:

I recently found myself at WAG and on the search for a new loving home after some challenging events in my life. Tragically, I lost my beloved guardian in a traumatic accident last year and the months following have been hard for me and those who knew him too. After moving a couple of times and facing health challenges on top of that – I long for a place to call my own with someone who can offer stability, love and patience until the end of my days.

Can’t adopt right now? You can still make a difference! Consider making a donation to WAG to help dogs like me and other furry friends in need. Your generosity will provide crucial support, care, and resources that ensure we receive the love and care we deserve and can be given a second chance.


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