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Lola’s 2nd WAG-Iversary

Happy 2nd WAG-iversary, Lola!

WAG staff hosted a little party in honor of our special girl!

Lola has been at WAG two very long years…She was originally brought to WAG in an RCMP seizure when her owners were arrested in Whistler, and they never came back to get her.

She was extremely traumatized during that arrest, and subsequently being brought to WAG in the middle of the night. It was even suspected she may have ingested, or been exposed to drugs. She spent her first night at WAG sick, terrified, alone, and vomiting.

The next morning, when staff arrived and discovered our new arrival and learned her story, we were very cautious and unsure of her temperament, so went very slow. She had a chain around her neck, her leash was caught under the kennel door, and she needed to be moved into a clean kennel. After some creative thinking, we managed to get her into another kennel – we were not sure how she would react to us, but after the night she had just had, the poor girl just wanted someone to cuddle her! So we did…

And that is how Lola’s journey at WAG began…

At many other shelters, Lola would have been euthanized immediately due to her behavior issues – thankfully she ended up at WAG where we are happy to work with the less than “perfect” dogs!

Though WAG has become Lola’s temporary home, and it is amazing compared to many other places and situations, it is still a shelter. She spends much of her time during the day alone and all night locked in a room by herself. The staff and volunteers’ time is always being divided between her and all the other animals at the shelter that need our attention.

What Lola really wants, needs, and deserves, is a home of her own and a family of her own – after two years, maybe you can help us make that happen?

Now we are asking for your help to Find Lola a Home! Follow her story on social media, share, tag, highlight, email, forward, and anything else you can do to get her story out there – we know there is someone out there that is her Perfect Match and can give her all that she deserves!

Some of her requests and requirements: -A secure, fenced-in yard. -A quiet area with access to rural, quiet trails. -You are a lady with no roommates/tenants/shared entrances/kids. -You own your own home. -You live a quiet lifestyle with few visitors. -Pro-Muzzle! -Has a vehicle. -Experienced with large dogs. -Physically strong. -Does not need to be super athletic! She is a big cuddly couch potato. -Will find a secluded spot for her to SWIM! -Will continue to work with a WAG approved trainer.

Check out her adoption profile here.

Check out our Facebook page!

Follow us on Instagram: @whistlerwag

A very special thank you to WAG volunteer and epic supporter, Mary Briggs, for her incredible cake creations, made just for LOLA!


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