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Macadamia – Adopted March 2023!

Maca outside

Macadamia Breed: Shepherd/Collie Cross Gender: Female Age: 1 Year approx. Size: Medium

Energy Level: Medium, more energy as she gets more confident! Training Goals: Basic Manners House trained? Yes Kids? Unknown Cats? Unknown Dogs? Unknown Medical Needs: Finishing my first round of vaccines, spay surgery, yearly vet checkups

About Me:

Hi! I’m Macadamia!

I came to WAG with all my puppies, and I’ve been a hard working mom up until they were ready to be adopted. I am such a good mom, but I’m very ready for a home of my own where I get all the attention and love I deserve.

I came from roaming the streets, so not much is known about my past. I seem to not mind the other dogs at the shelter, but I havn’t made any close friends yet. I’ve been too busy feeding ten babies to make any bffs. I am now in a loving foster home where I am learning new things every day and loving getting all the attention and cuddles I could ask for!

I can be a bit nervous of new people, so slow introductions and lots of treats are key but I’m getting brave and and more eager to say hello. I’ve become comfortable with harness/leashes on walks and well behaved when I strut my stuff. I’ve had good interactions with other dogs of all sizes when on walks. I’m alert, observant and love to sniff and explore. I enjoy adventures in nature, am happy to chill at home and will follow you around the house to supervise. If you have time for a play session, even better 🙂

I’m quite food motivated which will help with my future training. I was thin when I arrived but I am putting some weight on again. Feeding 10 babies was hard work, I also suffered from mastitis, but I have thankfully healed up now and am ready to be spayed in the near future. WAG promised me that I only have to be a teen mom once and can focus on being a puppy myself now.

Most things inside are new to me and although I’m delighted to be warm and fed, I had to get used to basic things like stairs (which were scary but are now super easy) and loud kitchen sounds or vacuum noises don’t even bother me anymore. I rarely ever bark inside the house (not even at the vacuum!) and will only very occasionally sing to you if I need something. I’ve discovered dog beds and love to nap along with being a rock star sleeping through the night.

Getting into the car and going for car rides is still something I’m getting comfortable with. I’m young, a fast learner, brave and smart so as long as you take things at my pace, I will keep mastering home life. PS I am also patient and cooperative for things like putting my harness on or getting brushed… I try to be helpful 🙂 .

I am looking for a home who is commited to helping me gain confidence. Training classes with a WAG approved trainer would also need to be part of the plan! I can’t wait to find a cozy bed to cuddle up on, and someone who will take me for all the awesome adventures I deserve!

-Willing to take multiple trips to WAG to build trust and a relationship with me. -Has lots of patience and understanding of my past. -Will go very slow with me and let me gain confidence, I am learning to be in a home, in cars, on a leash and harness, and many other things that most dog owners take for granted. -Will love me forever no matter what! APPLY FOR MACADAMIA!

My Story:

WAG staff were contacted by a concerned citizen that had been keeping an eye on me and noticed that I was pregnant. I was found in interior BC near Williams lake. Once myself and my 10 babies were safe and warm at WAG I could finally get some well deserved rest time in. I was a little timid with the ladies at WAG at first but after a few days I came out of my shell and opened up. I am quite thin after caring for my 10 puppies, but with regulars high quality meals and lots of snacks I am gradually gaining some much needed weight. I really enjoy my short walks with the WAG girls, I’m seeing so many new things whilst I’m out and about!

It’s time to find my forever family! DONATE TO WAG! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


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