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Togo – Adopted December 2023!


TOGO Breed: Shepherd Hound? Cross Gender: Male Age: approx. 2 years old Size: Large/ XL

Energy Level: Medium, I seem to take things at a slow pace on my general walks but love to run and play in the WAG yard and in the river with a lot more gusto! Training Goals: Continuing to work on my basic manners (jumping up, loose leash etc) + learning to live in a more urban environment House trained? Yes Kids? Older teens likely, I have lived with kids before but can forget my size  Cats? Nope! I might like to chase them and other small animals Dogs? I have lived with other dogs my size before. No small dogs please.   Medical Needs: Yearly veterinary visits, I recently went to the vet due to an ear infection which has been treated

About Me:

Hi I’m Togo!

I have been at WAG for wayyyy to long now, its been 6 months can you believe that? The staff around here sure can’t, since I am the most loveable, goofy boy around who makes them laugh and brighten up their day. I’m told I’m a young dog with an old soul, I love to swim, play with toys, have cuddles on the couch and join my human friends on laid back walks in the woods or go on car rides further afield for new adventures. I came from a loving home, but due to a very sad situation I had to be surrendered to WAG.  At first I was nervous with the humans but I have settled in to the routine and have made some dog friends to pass the time here. Stevie is my BFF, we love each other so much but we would really rather get out of the shelter and into homes of our own.

I’m a big guy and super strong and I can forget my size so I need someone confident with large doggos and body language to make sure I am comfortable. Sometimes I am unsure, maybe if you are riding a skateboard or are on a bike, I like to police the passers by and let them know with a big deep BORK but I am a softie really. Just doing my part for the local community but I guess its not always necessary. Don’t forget to bring me treats. Hot dogs are my favourite! When I realize you are my new friend, I’ll show you my playful side and ask for endless cuddles and pets. I love playing with the soccer balls in the yard and sprinting around. After which I’m content to relax and settle in my kennel but even happier to be near the staff – whether that’s helping out in reception, having photo shoots, swimming or working on some training. It’s always a sniff-ari walk when you’re on a walk with me, so feel free to throw some more of those yummy hot dogs in the grass for me to find. I’ve been doing well in the car too, I’ll hop in and out and spread myself out on the backseat for a well deserved nap.

I’d like a home where I’m the only child, or with another large, playful doggo but no cats, tiny dogs or little critters. Lets set us all up for success! I’ll give you all the love in the world if you can give me the chance to show you, even if I am unsure at the very first meeting we might just be a perfect match.  Don’t take it personally, I could be the best friend you ever had.

I’ll need a home that is committed to me and ready to give me a life with love and adventure for the rest of my years. Continuing my training plan with a positive reinforcement based trainer alongside  my new family would be beneficial to all of us.

-Is willing to take a couple of trips to WAG to get to know me before taking me home. I can sometimes be unsure of new people when I first meet them but am the goodest boy.

– A family with patience who love big, goofy, joyful, silly young dogs!

– Understanding that I had some HUGE changes in my life so I need time I need to settle in and relax after my adoption. Especially if I am to live with other big dogs or older kids. I may not like visitors and may not be a contender for dog parks.

– Be proactive with my training, it is mandatory to my new people to work with a WAG approved trainer to help me learn new skills and give me the best set up for success. And will be pro-muzzle if needed.

-Having a safe & secured yard would be a bonus for morning zoomies and soccer sessions! If not, being okay with using a long line to allow freedom but keep me safe.

– Will take me for annual vet checkups and be proactive with my health. APPLY FOR TOGO!

My Story:

I came from a loving home, but unfortunately I needed to be surrendered into WAGs care. Although I am sad to find myself here I can’t wait for my forever family to find me!

If you are not currently in a position to adopt, please consider making a donation to WAG so that other dogs like me can be given a second chance when they have nowhere else to turn. DONATE TO WAG! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


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