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Mady Krimele is a textiles artist from Pemberton, BC, who specializes in indigo dyeing and hand sewing.

For the past 4 years she has been experimenting with unconventional quilting. By not following any traditional patterns Mady follows her instincts by playing with rough sized scrap materials. Her designs are simple yet more complicated than they may seem. Every piece of fabric has a special place in the quilt and memory attached to it. They are measured by the eye and followed by the feeling of her gut. All fabrics are sustainably sourced from local thrift stores, old clothes, and her travels abroad. Nothing is randomly chosen. Nothing is measured by a ruler of any sort. Everything flows but doesn’t follow any rules.

Maddy generously donated this quilt to help support the animals of WAG – we threw in a bottle of wine because, well, wine not?!

Enter our quilt raffle and you could be cozied up in this quilt with your significant fur-other drinking a delicious bottle of See Ya Later Ranch Unleashed 2008 Pinot Noir in no time!

Only $5 per entry, $20 for five!

TO ENTER: 1) CLICK HERE! 2) Input the amount you wish to donate 3) Select the FUND of ‘WAG’s Cozy Quilt Raffle (with wine!) $5 per entry, $20 for five’. 4) Fill out all required fields, especially your NAME and CONTACT INFO. 5) Include any other notes you wish to add.

Names will be entered into our draw box and announced on JUNE 1st!

We will have the quilt on display outside of WAG each afternoon if you would like to come check it out – thank you for your support!



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