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WAG’s first Charity Challenge was a great success!

What an amazing first year for WAG’s new summer fundraiser – the Charity Challenge! Our rain dancing worked, and with Saturday came grey skies and a lot less smoke, allowing us to run our Charity Challenge Mini portion of the event: An approximate 1 km walk from the Passive House starting line to the event space in beautiful Lost Lake.

WAG and our fantastic supporters were able to raise a total of $2459.76 for our special animals – we are extremely grateful and delighted that our first year was such a success.

Thank you to all our sponsors:

  1. Amore Pet Foods

  2. First Mate

  3. Pan Pacific

  4. Earthrated

  5. Scandivae Spa

  6. Starbucks

  7. Happy Pets

  8. Yogacara

  9. Slope Side Supply

  10. Whistler Half Marathon

  11. Alpine Dogs

Thank you to all our amazing volunteers:

  1. Karen Overgaard

  2. Natasha Dickson

  3. Aimee Bilodeau

  4. Jeff Hong

  5. Shanni Archer

  6. Kaylen McConnell

  7. Nikki Barr

  8. Shannon Broderick

  9. Victor Lezu

And with a very special and most honorable mention to Birte Jaschkowitz, who did an amazing job pulling double duty at the registration/start table!

Massive thanks to the McLean Employee Fund and their help, enthusiasm, and flashy vests at our recent Charity Challenge fundraiser! We are honored to be your chosen charity for this year – thank you for your support!

And of course to our participants and prize winners:

  1. Zoe Martin

  2. Lindsay Suckling

  3. Emily Suckling

  4. Jane Ince

  5. Cathy Abell

  6. Shauneen Cope

  7. Riley Shier

  8. Hannah McIntyre

  9. Carlee Price

  10. Chantelle Parker-Berndt

  11. Steve Clark

  12. Monique Joyce

  13. Helen Bradley

  14. Charlie Bradley

  15. Holly Saitz

  16. Saundra Clow

  17. Justine Nichol

  18. Lance Martin

  19. Elizabeth Lefevre

  20. Juliette Hudson

Winners of most money raised and most pledges collected:

  1. Danielle Sandercomb and Sara Manlove

Costume Contest Winners:

  1. Brio and Freya: Best Friend Ballerinas

  2. Dusty: Cutest cowboy

  3. Charlie: Fiercest dragon

First Mate Pet Food Prize Pack:

  1. Tracey and Hailey Jackson


(It’s gonna be bigger and better!)


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