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AVERY Breed: Shepherd Mix  Gender: Female Age: Around 8 months old Size: Medium but still growing

Energy Level: I’m a puppy! I love playing, walks and naps and working on my skills  Training Goals: I’ve been doing great with my basic manners and training using positive reinforcement, remember I’m a puppy so I need patience and commitment!  House trained? Yes! Kids? Older kids might be ok – I can be shy at first so they would need to be calm and respect my body language.  Cats? No thanks! I think I’d like to chase them Dogs? Yes please! I love other dogs and am much more confident when meeting new people if I have a dog friend there too. A dog in the home would be my dream!   Medical Needs: Yearly vet checkups moving forward

About Me:

I am a sweet young pup with a lot of love to give and a lot of adventures to be shared! I have had a challenging start to life with some big changes so stability and routine is what I am looking for. Lots of things are clearly new to me, I will need home with a family ready to give a chance to a deserving young girl who is in a really important stage pf puppy-teen-hood. Helping me to gain confidence in the world around me with lots of positive experiences and moving at my own pace is crucial! I have been working on basic training and manners, I am really good at SIT, DOWN, TOUCH and I love spending time in my safe space – my crate. I don’t love car rides and can get stressed out and car sick. I simply love playing in the yard with balls, stuffies and things that squeak! I’m a bouncy girl and so rewarding me with treats for all four paws on the floor is a consistency we are doing as sometimes I forget I’m not that tiny any more and get really excited to see my friends. I’m about 8 months old now and was recently spayed as well as a hernia reduction carried out. I’m all up to date on my vaccines and am ready to find my happy ending! Although I’ve gained tons of confidence in the past few months, loud noises are still frightening and strangers are not my favourite but I love my pals and its been hard for me with a lot of changes of late. Please give me time to transition and decompress, I am such a darling young girl and I can’t wait to show you!

Puppy/ Teen classes with some basic training with a WAG-approved positive reinforcement trainer would be beneficial while I learn new skills and transition into my new life. I’ve been spending time in foster homes with families with other dog residents, I’m really loving it, way preferable than being at the shelter that’s for sure! I’m certainly a sensitive girl, I warm up to ladies much quicker than males and can become nervous and tuck my tail between by legs when I’m unsure. I’d love to find humans, preferably with another playful dog to help show me the ropes and make my world complete. APPLY FOR AVERY!

– Able to provide a calm, nurturing environment with people that will pay attention to my body language to understand how I feel. Remember I am nervous and loud noises tend to startle me. Meeting new people can that make me fearful, I am still learning and need someone who can take things at my pace. I really don’t enjoy going in the car either. – Is ready for the 10+ year commitment – Loves everything puppy. I’m coming into my teens but am smart and sensitive. My recall is fabulous even if I do say so myself. – Will continue with basic training – I will need a post-adoption training appointment to set me up for success or Teen Puppy classes with a WAG approved positive reinforcement based trainer. – Lots of patience! – Will use food as a motivator! – Will love me forever no matter what, quirks and all! – I need a home that is committed to me and ready to give me a life with love and adventure for the rest of my years.
  1. I would REALLY love a home with another dog, I am nervous when meeting new people, going to new places and riding in the car, but if I have one of my dog friends with me I am much more brave and relaxed! I love to play and have lots of energy to run around with my friends at WAG and in my foster homes 🙂

My Story:

I recently found myself back at WAG due to no fault of my own, when my family made the difficult decision after to a family member becoming unwell. They loved me so very much but knew that WAG would be able to find me a loving home where I would be the center of attention and could continue my training and thrive.

It’s always sad when it doesn’t work out, but WAG are committed to Avery and all of our animals post adoption to provide support and a safe space when circumstances change unpredictably, the worst happens and other reasons too. Lets find Avery the happy ending she is dreaming of! Please consider donating to WAG to provide support in cases like hers…. DONATE TO WAG!

Avery’s Latest Photo Updates!

Avery July 2023! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


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