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Cal – Adopted July 2022!


I have been in WAG’s care since April 2019…1,086 days and counting Breed: Lab/Mastiff cross Gender: Male Age: Born August 2018 Size: Extra Large

Energy Level: Medium Training Goals:  Training session post adoption – working on confidence with new people and in new places. House trained? Yes Kids? Potentially with proper introduction, supervision and separation Cats? Potentially with proper introduction, supervision and separation Dogs? Yes, as long as we get along! I can be selective of my dog friends – I do not get along with unneutered males. Medical Needs: Currently trialing some anti-anxiety meds to help me to be more confident in new environments, Yearly veterinary appointments moving forward

About Me:

My biggest hurdle with adoption is that I am nervous to meet new people! I can play a little hard to get, making sure you bring the goodies, warm chicken or some tasty roast beef to help me learn to trust you! I really need your dog to show me that you are nothing to be afraid of…

Once I trust you,  my sweet & sensitive side comes out. I will lean my full body into your legs for back and butt scratches. The friends that I love the most I give the best puppy dog eyes to.

I love having new girlfriends around. Having another dog really boosts my confidence!

I am very well behaved in home, and even though I am at the counter level, I never sneak stuff! I am very polite and just want to follow you around everywhere you go.

In the house I don’t need too much, mostly just a few comfy spots and your company. I usually prefer to come where the people are, I’ll stick my butt right next to you so you can be productive and give me a hug!

I generally prefer to mosey between a few different spots through the day, a nice spot with the morning sun, then a big stretch, check in with my humans, a butt scratch, then off to the next bed or couch that looks the most enticing.

I enjoy quiet walks in the woods and can be such a good gentle walker. However, I am not a fan of busy areas. When I am feeling really nervous, I’ll freeze from fear and want to go home.

I’ll need lots of time, patience, and your commitment to using a force-free, positive reinforcement trainer post-adoption, to help me adjust to my new life!

My Perfect Match: -Is willing to take a few trips to WAG to get to know me before taking me home. I am fearful of strangers when I first meet them. -Has experience with fearful dogs. -Has lots of patience and understanding of my past – we were feral with our other siblings for the first 6 months of our lives, then our first home was PAWS & WAG. -Having a safe & secured yard would be a bonus for morning zoomies! If not, being okay with using a long line to allow freedom but keep me safe. -Loves goofy loveable quirky boys! When I am comfortable with you, I’ll show off and get into mischief. You know when we’ve become best friends, I’ll lean my butt right into your leg for some good cuddles. -Will continue working with a WAG-approved trainer post-adoption. -Will be okay with a vocal dog! I am loud and like to bark when I get excited! -Will be strong! –  I’d love to have a chance to visit my siblings. We love having chances to meet up with each other! -Will love me forever no matter what, quirks and all! APPLY FOR CAL!

My Story:

My first 6 months were without human interaction, I was out in the rural woods with my 3 other littermates and no home. We were brought into PAWS, but due to them being a small shelter, they were unable to keep us all. PAWS kept the girls, Luna and Stella, Sol and I were transferred to WAG. After some time at WAG, we really settled in and were ready to find a home to call our own. We were adopted by a lovely individual who put in lots of time to gain our trust and we loved her greatly. Unfortunately, we were brought back to WAG as circumstances changed.

While WAG been tried their hardest to find Sol and I home together for the last few years, we’ve had a hard time finding the right family. We’ve gotten more confident without each other, but still have such a bond and love for each other. Ideally our forever family would be open to visits together after we’ve been adopted.

If you cannot adopt at this time, please consider donating to our WAG, they continue to take in animals like us, who will need a little more time to find their forever family. DONATE TO WAG! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


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