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Chicken – Adopted September 2022!


Chicken Breed: Mastiff/St Bernard cross Gender: Male Age: 10 months old Size: Large

Energy Level: Medium/High Training Goals: Basic manner + Learning how to settle in the home House trained? Yes Kids? Yes, with proper supervision and separation Cats? Potentially with proper supervision & separation Dogs? Yes! But my family will still need to supervise and separate while me and a new dog learn to live with each other Medical Needs: Yearly check veterinary appointments

About Me:

Hi I’m Chicken!

This is my second time at WAG and I would love it to be my last!

I need a family that is active and social, providing me lots of mental stimulation and exercise.

When I get playful I can be very BOUNCY and not know my own body size. I love to cuddle and cover your face in kisses! Be careful, if you are on the ground, I may not let you get up!

Sometimes I can get a little over excited and I have a harder time calming down, I can get a little mouthy and bouncy then, but hey, I’m just a pup who has lots to learn still!

I don’t like to share my food, and I can get a little jealous if I see one of my other canine buddies getting some affection without me, best believe I’m not going to be left out!

I am hoping that my forever family will be awesome humans, lots of play, adventures, cuddles, but most importantly I need them to be patient.

Some new things can make me a bit unsure and I need my family to be understanding that they’ll need to work with me during this big life change, hire a trainer and give me time to adjust.

– Be able to commit to coming to visit me a few times at the shelter before going into my forever home – A family with patience understanding that a lot of things are new to me, I may need time to adjust to my new surrounding – Be proactive with my training, using a WAG approved trainer that will help me gain confidence and give my family the tools they will need when I come across something that is scary to me – Be ready for the 10+ year commitment – Loves goofy loveable quirky boys – Eager to learn more about dog body language so you can understand what I’m communicating to you! – Have lots of friends with dogs that I can play with, I am very social and love playing with other dogs – An active family! I am young and want to get out and explore the world! – Will be strong! I am a strong fella who sometimes focuses a little too much on birds and squirrels – Keep me healthy and happy with proper exercise and yearly vet visits.

I am the sweetest boy who loves to cuddle and be close to you. I can sense when you’re upset or happy and I want to be there to help you be happier or comfort you. I can relax easily when I feel confident and calm. I’m happy to be your work from home buddy but sometimes I need to tell you I am bored. Fortunately, I love engagement puzzles especially my kongs if you have meetings.Sometimes I feel anxious, bored, I need to go outside or need water and I tell you by loudly barking at you (this has been improving with confidence and understanding needs a bit better). I am still a puppy so I am a bit clumsy and don’t know my body yet. Sometimes I think I’m much smaller and want to get on top of you.I am working on my confidence around rolling things that approach fast, sometimes I want to jump at bikes, skateboarders and runners. This improves when I sit and my foster mom helps distract me or tell me it’s ok.I am also working on confidence being alone. This is improving as I don’t need to be in the same room as my foster mom at all times even though I like to be involved in everything she does. We are starting to try to use a crate.Cars make me a little nervous but I am good at sitting quietly once I’m in it. You may have to help me get into the car.I love meeting new dogs and people, I will sometimes lay on the ground until they approach. I love playing and can’t wait until I have a yard I can run around in. With some practice I will be a great off leash dog. I have been good with about 45 min-2 hours of exercise a day, I am great on leash and don’t pull unless I want to play with another dog or run free in the forest.I have great control when getting fed, I know how to sit and wait until my foster mom tells me it’s ok. I also know “look” “touch” “lay down.”I don’t growl or show aggression in any setting. I am housetrained. I will be an amazing dog to someone with a medium level of activity in their life. APPLY FOR CHICKEN!

My Story:

I first came into WAG earlier this year with my brother Billy Bob, we both found homes after being in WAG’s care for not too long. Unfortunately my adopters weren’t my perfect match and it just wasn’t the best fit! They knew that WAG will find me a family that I’ll thrive with! DONATE TO WAG! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


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