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Meitzu – Adopted March 2021!


Meitzu Breed: Labrador cross Gender: Female Age: 1 year old approximately  Size: Medium/Large

Energy Level: Medium/High Training Goals: Meitzu will need mandatory training sessions booked in with a WAG approved trainer. Gaining confidence with new places, people and things, as well as basic manners House trained? Yes Kids? 15 years+ Cats? Unknown Dogs? Yes Medical Needs: Helping her achieve a healthy weight.

About Me:

Hi! I’m Meitzu, or some of you may know me as being the mom of the mountain puppies!

I am so happy that my puppies have all found their loving forever homes, and now it’s my turn!

After lots of uncertainty and time,  the WAG staff and volunteers have earned my trust and I have begun to show off my of my loving and playful personality! I am just a sweet puppy at heart…

I am looking for a home that will work with the WAG staff to help me transition into a home. The only home I have ever known has been WAG, and it’s not quite the same, but I have been making huge progress and love to cuddle inside on soft beds and couches.

My Perfect Match -Willing to take multiple trips to WAG to build trust and a relationship with me. -Will keep me on leash and safe with a GPS tracker – I am a flight risk! -Experience with fearful/feral dogs -No young kids and a quiet lifestyle -Has lots of patience and understanding of my past. -Will go very slow with me and let me gain confidence, I am learning to be in a home, on a leash and harness, and many other things that most dog owners take for granted. -A safe and secure fenced yard is a huge plus! -Will love me forever no matter what! APPLY FOR MEITZU!

My Story:

WAG staff were contacted by a concerned neighbour that had been keeping an eye on me and noticed that I was pregnant. Unfortunately, I have never fully trusted humans so when the WAG girls came to bring me to a safe place, I wouldn’t go with them. They came back even more determined to get me into the warm safe shelter and to their surprise, I had given birth to my babies under a porch! I had 12 puppies in my litter… unfortunately, Chilcotin and Cayoosh passed away…rest in peace my sweet boys. After raising the rest of my puppies and given time, patience and tasty high-value treats, I have learned to trust the staff and volunteers, and begun to make amazing progress.

It’s time to find my forever family!

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