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Morticia – Adopted November 2022!


Morticia Breed: Border Collie X Gender: Female Age: Approx. 1 year old Size: Small/ medium

Energy Level: Medium Training Goals: Basic manners House trained? Yes Kids? With proper socialization, supervision and separation Cats? Unknown, potentially with proper socialization, supervision and separation Dogs? With proper socialization, supervision and separation Medical Needs: completing my first round of vaccines and then yearly vet checkups

About Me:

Hi I’m Morticia!

My friends at the shelter call me Morti for short, and I am just the sweetest softy ever!

I am a young pup who is beautiful inside and out. I enjoy calm times resting under the desk at WAG as the staff work away but I am also silly and playful and will run around the big yard playing heaps of games with the humans and my two legged friends. I can seem a little timid at first, but have been quick to trust the volunteers who come and take me on exciting adventures. I love happy talk and positive reinforcement and am getting used to my new routine. I am progressing on my walks and am working on my leash skills as well as my basic training skills such as SIT and more.

At my first vet visit I was told I needed to put on some weight, and I don’t mind eating extra meals from slow feeder bowls, kongs and and playing puzzle games for added enrichment. I am pretty curious and cheeky – when I am in reception I have a habit of jumping up on the counter top so that I can see out of the windows and watch the passers by. I could sit there all day, but am working on staying at ground level and am rewarded with treats and pets for other behaviours that the staff seem to be more keen on. I love being a lap dog, and to be fair I am only around 15kg so it works out ok for everyone.

The vet also told my carers at WAG that I seem to have a heart murmur, but we are waiting for more information on that and will keep my profile updated.

My ideal new home will be patient, proactive and will understand that settling into my new home might be a big transition. I need you to be aware of my body language and how I might be feeling. I need someone that is committed to me and ready to give me a life with love and adventure for the rest of my years and of course keep me safe and healthy.

– Able to provide a calm, nurturing environment with people that will pay attention to my body language to understand how I feel

– Is ready for the 10+ year commitment

– Loves sweet dogs that want to cuddle

– Will continue with basic training and keep me safe

– Will love me forever no matter what, quirks and all!

– Will keep in mind my health and be procative with my care

– I need a home that is committed to me and ready to give me a life with love and adventure for the rest of my years. APPLY FOR MORTICIA!

If you are not in a position to adopt at this time, please consider donating to my care! Woof!

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