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Sadie – Adopted October 2023!


SADIE Breed: Husky Mix Gender: Female Age: Approx. 1-2 years old Size: Medium/Large

Energy Level: I’m still settling in at the shelter but am starting to show my playful side Training Goals: I’ll be working on basic manners and settling into a new environment after lots of unknown and changes lately House trained? Yes! Although I am not keen on doing my business whilst on a leash it seems. Kids? Unknown. Potentially with proper socialization, separation and supervision. Older kids who can be calm and understanding of my body language. Cats? Unknown. With proper socialization, separation and supervision! Dogs? With proper socialization, separation and supervision! Medical Needs: Finishing my first round of vaccines, recovering from my recent spay, then yearly checkups

About Me:

Hi I’m Sadie! Not much is known about my past as I came to WAG as a stray. I was taken to the Vet Clinic and given a full once over, and am being treated for an ear infection and was told I need to put on some weight. I’m on a course of ear drops and a high quality diet to sort that out and I should be feeling much better soon. It is believed that I may have had puppies earlier in the year but I have my spay booked in so I’ll never have to be a young mom again. It’s time to focus on ME and have a life filled to the brim with love and adventure from here on out! I’ve been in isolation as standard so I haven’t met any of the other shelter residents yet BUT I am enjoying spending time getting to know the humans around here.

They say I am a super sweet girl and have been gladly getting to know me better each day. I’ve had some big changes lately so I am looking for a family ready to give me a chance and understand that lots of things are clearly new to me and be ready to teach me all about life. I’m learning to wear a harness and go for walks as well as how to play with toys. I’m a social eater and have had a tummy upset, most likely due to this transition and being on a new schedule. So far my favorite things are cuddles, hot dogs, tug and napping near my friends when I feel safe. I’m still sussing everything out around here. I know I look serious in my photos but I am starting to come out of my shell and am a joy to be around as I learn.

Helping me to gain confidence in the world around me with lots of positive experiences and moving at my own pace is crucial! Group classes or individual lessons for some basic training with a WAG-approved positive reinforcement trainer would be beneficial while I learn new skills and transition into my new life. APPLY FOR SADIE!

– Is ready for the 10+ year commitment. I need a home that is committed to me and ready to give me a life with love and adventure for the rest of my years. – Will continue with basic training. I will need a post-adoption training appointment or classes with a WAG approved trainer using fear free, positive reinforcement science based methods. – Able to provide a calm, nurturing environment with people that will pay attention to my body language to understand how I feel. Remember: lots of basic things may be completely new to me. Things you might not even think of like car travel, swimming, baths, nail trims and so much more. – Lots of patience! Especially if I am to potentially join a family with any two or four legged siblings. – Will love me forever no matter what, quirks and all! Not much is known about my past and so of course there may be things that come up.

My Story:

I came to WAG as a stray and wasn’t in great shape and so was able to get the health care that I needed including vaccines, de-wormer and flea treatments. I was found to be in some pain and am being treated with some ear drops for an ear infection too. I am now a resident at the shelter busy working on getting healthy, gaining weight and am ready to find a loving family to call my own.

If you are not in a position to adopt but would like to support WAG, please consider donating to WAG’s Critical Care Fund to ensure that Sadie and other animals like her can get the additional care they need! DONATE TO WAG’S CRITICAL CARE FUND! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


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