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Tank – Adopted March 2021!


TANK Breed: Shepherd/Collie mix Gender: Male Age: 6 months old Size: Medium

Energy Level: Medium/High Training Goals: Basic Manners House trained? Yes Kids? 10 years+ Cats? Unknown Dogs? Yes Medical Needs: Ongoing care while his amputation heals

About Me:

Hi, I’m Tank!

I have only spent a short time at WAG, I’ve mostly been with my foster family, they are great people with other dogs, although, I think I may be a little too playful for them.

I hope that I get to find my forever family soon, my foster family wanted to pass along some information about me –

He is very sweet which we all know. He would also do great with a couple who wanted to camp, paddle board, swim, canoe etc…. All he needs is a life jacket! He loves the fenced back yard so that he can explore. I realize that’s a tall order around here, but you never know….. He wants to be everyone’s friend. He loves people and interacting with everyone and being part of what’s going on in the house. He’s not a big eater, but really enjoys hard chews such as bully sticks and you can entice him to eat with a little canned food, salmon oil or dehydrated or cooked meat on top. He likes carrots to chew on. He is getting used to the car but must be strapped into a harness, otherwise he will want to ride in your lap! He really loves soft, plus SQUEAKY toys. He chews on them, but doesn’t totally destroy them. He loves hearing the squeakers, but doesn’t do it enough to drive you crazy. He hasn’t touched anything in the house he shouldn’t, but I make sure he’s got something to do, or I think being a curious puppy that he could run in to trouble and find something to chew on If he is doing something that he shouldn’t,  he is easily re-directed. He’s pretty much move in ready for either a family with respectful kids  – He would thrive in a busy household. He loves the interaction. He would be a great second dog, if there is another playful dog in the house.  But, he could also be the only dog getting all of the love and attention as long as he got to go to the dog park to play with other dogs – he’s super social and curious. He hasn’t met a stranger yet.
My Perfect Match
  1. Able to provide a nurturing environment with people that will pay attention to how I’m feeling

  2. Is ready for the 10+ year commitment

  3. Loves goofy loveable quirky boys

  4. Will continue with basic training – I will need a post-adoption training session to help me ease into my new surroundings

  5. Lots of patience!

  6. Adjust to activities that will work for me, low impact sports and swimming, or whatever I might enjoy!

  7. We use food as a motivator!

  8. Will love me forever no matter what, quirks and all!

  9. I need a home that is committed to me and ready to give me a life with love and adventure for the rest of my years.

My Story: My name is Tank, and my story is truly one of “sometimes life just happens”. I was well-loved and well cared for by my family when I had a life-changing accident. A week before I was to get neutered, I was playing in my yard and I got my leg caught in a pallet. My family brought me to the vet right away, and we received some bad news that my leg was broken. This unfortunately was quite serious and not a simple break. Dr. White in Pemberton reached out to specialists in Vancouver and Squamish, and WAG jumped in to help too! After much analysis, my family took me to Squamish where Dr. Lane (an incredible orthopedic surgeon) at Eagleview Animal Hospital operated but could not save my leg. He really tried, but the break was in such a bad place. If I were to live a happy, pain-free life, this was the absolute best course of action. Dr. Lane and his team were beyond awesome and took great care of me while I was in the hospital. Eagleview and Dr. White have become such lifesavers supporting, and working with WAG in these difficult situations. My family and WAG had lots of discussions about what would be best for me. I will need some special care and attention, especially for the next few months. It will take time for me to get strong again and to learn how to live as a three-legged dog, but I’m young and I know I can do it!! Though heartbreaking for my family, they simply could not manage the costs of this ordeal and they know I will need a different life from what they can provide for me. I will miss them, but I know this was a decision that came from love. WAG has assured us both I will get a second family who will equally adore me and will be able to manage my care in the years to come. I thank everyone so very much for their commitment to my well-being and for making all the hard choices that got me here. I feel very loved and ready for the next chapter in my life!” DONATE TO WAG! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


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